Regulation & Approval process

In june 2013 a roadmap for the safe integration of UAS into European civil airspace was presented. Until then every European country is acting according to national regulations. Danish CAA is supporting the UAS industry in every possible way during this transition period. Currently the relevant rules published by the Danish Transport Authority consist of:


For flying out of citities (BL9-4 & AIC B 08/14 applies):

  • Distance - 150 m to urban areas and major roads
  • Altitude - Max 100 m.
  • 7-25 kg - only on model aircraft field
  • Over 25 kg - exemption possible

In general commercial and non-commercial 
RPAS operations are allowed without special permit.

View the english version of BL9-4 here

AIC B 08/14:

  • Cat. 1A (Max 1,5 kg & max 150 J) – 100 m / VLOS – valid 2 years
  • Cat. 1B (1,5-7 kg & max 1.000 J) – 100 m / VLOS / 50 m sec. distance – valid 2 years
  • Cat. 2 (Over 7 kg) – do – valid 1 year
  • Cat. 3 (BVLOS) – no exeptions – type certificate needed
  • Time of approval - approximately 28 days

View the danish version of AIC B 08/14 here

For flying within city zones:

  • Drone operators must undergo education and achieve a license to fly smaller drones
  • Smaller drones are defines as drones under the weight of 25 kilo
  • Only professionals have the right to fly in city zones
  • Max speed is 50 kilometers per hour
  • Altitude - Max 120 metres*
  • Distance to urban areas - only a safety zone of 1 times the radius of the altitude is required**

*Unless you are flying vertically and within 25 metres from a high obstacle (like a chimney) - in which case you may fly over the altitude of max 120 metres.

**This pertains to a minimum of 15 metres and a maximum of 50 metres.

View the full version of the Danish regulation for flying with drones within city zones here


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