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From commercialization of research projects to hub for international companies, Hans Christian Andersen Airport is a unique spot for UAS and UAS-related businesses.

Starting in 2011 with Boeing´s first test flights in Denmark the idea developed that the great facilities of the airport and the excellent infrastructure could form the basis for an UAS Test Center. Proudly we are now able to offer not only the needed airspace but also a newly renovated Business park as well as UAS Denmark, the Danish business network currently comprising about 130 members. Development plans for extending the airspace for UAS are progressing fast. Further we have just finished our new UAS Verification Facility, which can be used for advanced sensor testing.

In close cooperation with the Danish CAA we have developed an airspace at Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense for testing and operating UAS. Due to this close cooperation we are able to offer a short and effective approval process. Our aim is to make HCA Airport the number one spot for the national as well as the international UAS community.

Fast facts


  • Established in 2011
  • In HCA-Airport
  • Approved airspace
  • Ideal for testing
  • Verification facility
  • Workshop facilities
  • Hangar facilities
  • Business park

Michael Larsen
Head of UAS
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29. Mar

Attend the opening of the new international Test Center at HCA Airport on the 5th of May

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15. Jan

Sky-Watch A/S and Little Smart Things ApS merge

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27. Oct

UAS Test Center Denmark hosts 200 kg UAV demo at thematic workshop

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1. Dec

The Danish Ministry of Defence signs drone agreement with HCA Airport

30. Nov

A UAS verification facility on its way at the test center

19. Mar

Boeing to conduct milestone unmanned systems demos in Denmark

22. Apr

Airbus is looking at UAS Test Center Denmark

Latest test flights

Explicit tests sensors

Explicit have used the facilities of UAS Test Center Denmark with much success to test their sniffer drone for monitoring sulphur emissions from ships. One of the things they tested was their...